Raise Your Baby With Class

—- “A lot of our clients never have to buy diapers or formula”


Clients of Compassion Care Center located in Yadkinville benefit in many ways by taking pre-natal health care and parenting classes.  The main benefit is the health of the baby and mother through the compassionate care they receive at the center. “We are committed, connected and caring,” said Jennifer Hemric, the Executive Director. “The classes help the clients to be good parents.”

The second benefit to the client is the ability to earn points by taking classes; points that can be used to purchase everything they need for the pregnancy and the baby. “They can use the points to purchase maternity clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, car seats, baby beds and all the things they need,” said Hemric. “A lot of our clients never have to buy diapers or formula or anything. Everything is provided for them through the points they earn by taking classes.” Most of the items that can be purchased with points at Compassion Care Center are name brands and are brand new other than some gently used baby clothes.

The weekly pre-natal health care classes take the client all the way through their pregnancy. “We start with their first trimester, what is going on with their body and what to do and what not to do as far as eating and medicines and just what to expect,” said Hemric. “We begin at the point where they first find out they are pregnant and take them all the way through until after the baby is born.”

After the baby is born the client can continue to take parenting classes through the toddler years. “Most of our clients take classes until the baby is two or three years old,” Hemric continued. “We provide ongoing support from everything on how to pick out good child care providers, first aid to effective discipline. We teach a program called ‘1, 2, 3 Magic’ that helps the parent set discipline boundaries for the child that are appropriate for their age.”

The third benefit for the client is she doesn’t have to face her pregnancy by herself. “We let her know that she is not alone in this pregnancy and we are here to walk along side of her,” said Hemric. “The people we refer to her such as physicians are compassionate. We are compassionate and we refer them to other compassionate people.”

When a client first comes to Compassion Care Center they are given a free pregnancy test and an ultra sound to make sure the pregnancy is viable. If they are pregnant they are referred to a list of local OBGYNs to get the necessary pre-natal care. If the client does not have private insurance they are given a Medicaid pregnancy verification form that is needed to qualify for care from Health and Human Services (Medicaid).

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and need help please contact Compassion Care Center. Your comfort and privacy are our main concern. You are not alone. Schedule your confidential appointment by calling (336) 679-7101 or visiting our center at 321 W Main Street in Yadkinville. Visit c3yadkin.com for more information.