Considering an Abortion?

Here’s the Info You Need Are you pregnant? Do you think you may be pregnant? If so, you may find yourself wondering what your options are. At this point, many people begin looking for abortion information and find the waters … Continued

Pregnancy Symptoms

Am I Pregnant? 12 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms to Look For Have you been experiencing bodily changes? Do you think you may be pregnant? This can be a puzzling time as it is. To add to the confusion, many pregnancy … Continued

Raise Your Baby With Class

—- “A lot of our clients never have to buy diapers or formula”   Clients of Compassion Care Center located in Yadkinville benefit in many ways by taking pre-natal health care and parenting classes.  The main benefit is the health … Continued

What if I have missed my period.

Why you might miss your period… Nothing today scares a single woman like a missed period, unless she is, of course, trying to get pregnant. Do you think you are pregnant? Did I hear you say “I have missed my … Continued

Am I Pregnant?

You asked: AM I PREGNANT? What are the most common signs of pregnancy? Every woman’s body is different, the following key symptoms can help clarify if you think you may be pregnant. Now, the only way to know for certain … Continued

What is the Morning After Pill?

You asked: What is the Morning After Pill? ​ Emergency contraception, essentially, is a high dosage of the birth control pill. It is recommended for use after sexual intercourse, over a period of 72 hours, to achieve the goal of … Continued

What is RU486?

You asked: What is RU486? An abortion using RU- 486 requires three visits to a clinic using at least two drugs. 1 out 12 women who use RU-486 will still be pregnant and require a surgical abortion. This is often … Continued