school programs

Compassion Care Center has been teaching our abstinence based programs in Yadkin County Schools since 2006.


Our trained staff teaches school programs, such as: Relationships Under Construction to students in 6th and 7th grades and Guard Your Heart in 8th and 9th grades in Yadkin County Schools with parents signed permission. The following links provide information for teachers, parents, and students on our program.





School Programs


The school programs taught to 6th grades by our trained staff is Relationships under Construction.

  • Introduction from Compassion Care Center
  • Pass out note cards for students to write questions (both days)
  • Define Abstain/Risky Behaviors/Sexual Abstinence
  • Discuss risky behaviors (alcohol, drugs, smoking)
  • Choices & Consequences
  • Future Choices Worksheet (take home)
  • Self-Control = Self Esteem
  • Keys to a Healthy Future Demonstration
  • Hand out Hershey Kisses
  • Flames of Passion Demonstration using lighter and flash paper representing how long teen relationships last with the Bonnie and Clyde story (discuss consequences of teen sexual activity i.e. pregnancy, cost, STD’s, emotional etc.)
  • Define Renewed Abstinence
  • Right or Wrong & Integrity
  • Immediate vs. delayed gratification (Let them eat the Hershey Kiss)
  • Whole person development
  • Gentlemen Demonstration (Boys Only)
  • Giving Your Heart Away: Courtney’s Heart Demonstration (Girls Only)
  • Anatomy and Puberty
  • Explain the need to notify a trusted adult if someone is hurting them in any way
  • Sidewalk-Drawing the Line (discuss boundaries in relationships)
  • Review balloon demo on power point (high risk, caution, safe things to do in a relationship)
  • Positive and negative relationships
  • Collect Future Choices Worksheet and briefly discuss
  • Hand out copy of “How to Say No and Mean It” copies for students to take home
  • Hand out exit surveys
  • Answer questions

7th Grade RUC Outline

The school programs taught to 7th grades by our trained staff is Relationships under Construction.

        DAY 1

  • Introduction from Compassion Care Center
  • Pass out note cards for questions
  • Consequence eggs
  • Define abstain, sexual abstinence, risky behavior, start fresh, self-control
  • Discuss risky behaviors (alcohol, drugs, smoking, premarital sex)
  • Voices of Choices Demonstration
  • “What Will It Take To Be Me” Worksheet (Homework to be completed with the parent/guardian and if brought back the next day with a parent/guardian signature student receives candy)


  • STD Worksheet (Fill in the Blanks) Let them know if they share information with their parents/guardian and get a parent/guardian signature, they get candy
  • Review abstain, sexual abstinence, risky behavior, start fresh
  • Choices and Consequences
  • Puberty, anatomy, and sex
  • STD’s & Worksheet fill in
  • STD’s, Our Behavior, Birth Control
  • Collect and review homework “What Will It Take To Be Me?”
  • Passing It On Demonstration representing the communicability of STD’s (use if not using the Let’s Play Catch Demonstration)
  • Review “Sexual Exposure Chart”


  • Review abstain, sexual abstinence, start fresh
  • Whole Person Development- Linus’ Story
  • Telena’s story with the Rose Demonstration
  • How Girls bond
  • Pair bonding
  • How guys bond/Pornography
  • Building a Healthy Relationship Worksheet
  • Choices: Do the Right Thing-briefly discuss media, sexting, etc.
  • Pass out Refusal Skills: Lines, Lies, and Comebacks (For students to keep and review)
  • True North Compass
  • Pass out Pledge Cards
  • Review program
  • Answer questions
  • Administer Post Survey


The school programs taught to 8th and 9th grades by our trained staff is Guard Your Heart. It was written by our own Nurse Manager Shonda Smitherman, FNP.  Please contact us if you need more information

8TH   &   9TH GRADES


  • Introduction from Compassion Care Center
  • Brief video (optional)
  • When does a teen become an adult…
  • Immediate vs. delayed gratification
  • Hormones
  • Basic anatomy of the male and female body
  • What is sex?
  • Bachelorette Game
  • Boundaries and the importance of setting them
  • Brief video (optional)
  • Define abstinence & sexuality
  • Animal vs. human sexuality
  • Biological discussion of sex (sex is brain based d/t neurotransmitters)
  • Sexual progression activity (putting sexual progression in order with posters)


  • Consequences
  • STD spin game
  • STD stats for NC and Yadkin County
  • Kiss of death illustration using Hershey kisses
  • STD signs & symptoms
  • STD testing sites
  • Methods of birth control & failure rates
  • Starting fresh
  • Avoiding temptation
  • Sexual abuse/assault
  • Abuse hotline information
  • Healthy vs unhealthy relationships